Aug 12 2021

Kick off your transformation in 90 days!

Our vision at fitness time is to steer the saudi population towards a healthier lifestyle by encouraging people to stay active on a daily basis.

We understand for a lot of people, joining a gym and starting a health and fitness journey can be an overwhelming experience.

FT90 has been scientifically designed to give you the best possible start to your membership, by ensuring you are set up for success to achieve your goal.

Using the latest technology and assessment methods to measure health and wellbeing, this 12 week program allows you to learn more about yourself and will provide you with all the necessary education to ensure you are confident with how to reach your goal successfully!

After you have booked your appointment you will be assigned to one of our qualified coaches who will look after you for your first 12 weeks. You will receive 3 appointments at week 1, week 6 and again at week 12.

In week 1 your coach will get you started by establishing your goals, complete 3 health assessments with you and design a personal program for you to complete until your next appointment at week 6.

In week 6 it's time to complete each of the 3 health assessments again, your trainer will review your progress and adjust your program to ensure you are on the right track towards achieving your goal.

In week 12 your coach will review your progress. We are confident by this point you would have made some really good improvements. We will continue to support you by seeing what you are capable of achieving next..!

The FT90 program is complimentary to all Fitness time members. Start your fitness journey today by booking through your App or enquire in your local club.