Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribe FAQs

What is the minimum age to join Fitness Time?

Fitness Time welcomes subscribers from 16 years of age and over.

What are the subscription charges for Fitness Time gyms?

The price varies according to the duration and category of the subscription. It is recommended to contact the closest center, visit the website, or the Fitness Time application.

When is the membership activated after subscribing to Fitness Time?

The customer can choose the time to activate the subscription either by activating the subscription immediately (on the same day of purchase) or on the day following the date of purchasing the membership.

How can I upgrade the membership to a higher category or to another package?

You can upgrade your subscription by visiting the center. However, it is subject to terms and conditions.

How do I know the latest Fitness Time offers?

When offers are available, they are announced on our various channels, including our social media, website, and mobile app or by visiting the sports centers.

How can I subscribe to Fitness Time?

The subscription can be made through the Fitness Time app or by visiting the website or the sports center or our app.

Is there a daily subscription at Fitness Time?

The daily subscription is important for people who do not want to stop exercising under any circumstances, so we provide the daily subscription in the express category only.

Can I use all categories in Fitness Time?

The range of usage is determined by the subscription category [link to differences between categories].

Can I buy a Fitness Time subscription and pay through premium programs?

Exercise now and pay later through the Spotii Service or Tamara

Is it possible to waive a membership subscription?

The waiver service at Fitness Time is subject to the terms and conditions.

Can I refund the amount of subscription at Fitness Time within the first 24 hours?

The value of the subscription amount at Fitness Time is not refundable after payment.

Can I cancel my membership at Fitness Time?

Yes, it is possible to cancel an active membership to activate another membership, according to the member's desire, without asking for a refund of the remaining amount.

Can I freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership according to the terms and conditions on a 3 months package - 6 months - 12 months.

Am I required to pay for group exercise sessions?

Group classes are available within the subscription.

I require a carer/helper to attend the gym with me due to a medical condition - is this allowed?

There is a special discount for people with special needs.

Can I try the club before subscribing?

Yes, you can experience the club by submitting a request through the website [link].

Is it possible to take a tour of the center before joining?

Sure, a competent employee will give you a tour of the center and all the facilities.

Can I pay in cash or do I need to pay using a bank card?

Fees can be paid in cash or by ATM card, Visa, or MasterCard.

Does my membership include a swimming pool, sauna, steam, and jacuzzi?

Yes, the subscription includes all facilities in the center except for some services at the Plus category centers or facilities supervised by a personal trainer.

Can I share my fingerprint or personal bracelet with one of my friends?

There are clear provisions about the use of membership by the subscriber only. You cannot use the fingerprint or bracelet for another person to enter.

How can I cancel freezing my membership?

Freeze can be canceled through the Fitness Time app or by visiting the center.

I have made a subscription through the Fitness Time center. How can I sign in to the Fitness Time app?

The Fitness Time application is easy to use. You need to enter your registered mobile number and choose the closest center to your location.

How do I update my data after changing my mobile number?

You can update the data by visiting the center.

I'm pregnant. Can I exercise in Fitness Time centers?

It depends on the case of your pregnancy. You can consult our trainers.

Will Fitness Time save my fingerprint?

We do not save fingerprints in our system.

How do I download the Fitness Time app?

Through the following link

How do I get the bill for my online payment?

You will receive an SMS and an email once the procedure is successful.

What is the easiest way to get more information about Fitness Time centers?

Fitness Time always welcomes communication from all the subscribers. Therefore, we provide several channels for inquiries and suggestions. You can reach us through various channels on social media. We also have a call center at 920003131, or you can visit us and talk to our staff during the opening hours.

I've contracted corona, can I stop my subscription? 

Yes, your subscription will be suspended after sharing your report.

What are the terms and conditions in Fitness Time Clubs?

Subscription Instructions and Conditions for Fitness Time Centers:

  1. The Conditions outlined below, in addition to any guidelines issued by Leejam Sports Company "the Company" from time to time, are the Conditions governing the relationship between the Subscriber who signed this form and the Company. The Subscriber must comply with all the Company’s written instructions in this application as well as the instructions on the internal boards of the Center and the administrative circulars that the Company may issue in the future. The Subscriber also acknowledges that any guides (such as the sports guide, the subscriptions guide, the user guide, etc..) and any periodical publications issued by the Company are an integral part of these Conditions, and that the Subscriber accepts them. The Subscriber also acknowledges that he has reviewed all the evidence attached to his subscription mentioned below, and that he accepted them as part of these Conditions and this subscription.
  2. The minimum age or age group allowed to join the Center in its various locations are as follows:
    1. The minimum age for all clubs for men and women is 16 years old except for the fitness centers mentioned in clause (2.2), (2.3) and (2.4) below;
    2. To join FT Plus centers, the minimum age shall be 21 years old;
    3. The minimum age to join Ghadeer Plus Center shall be 25 years old;
    4. Junior Centers is for boys only who shall fall in the age group starting from 6 to 16 years old;
    5. Any subscriber below the age of 18 years shall have his/her guardian subscribe on their behalf.
    6. Al-Masarra and Al-Olaya Plus members are allowed to practice in all fitness time centers in the Kingdom except for Al-Ghadeer and Al-Aqiq branches
    7. Members can create a subscription and specify it to Al-Ghadeer and Al-Aqiq Plus branch so that they can enter to all (plus) centers
    8. Members in Al-Masarra and Al-Olaya branches are allowed to upgrade their subscription to Al-Ghadeer and Al-Aqiq Plus branch by paying the amount difference
  3. The regulations, customs and traditions prevailing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates must be respected and observed
  4. The Subscribers must use the access devices and the fingerprint of the Center, with the exception of staffs and people with disabilities. It is necessary to present the identity when entering in the event that the fingerprint is not available. In the event of non-compliance; the Company has the right to suspend access to the Subscriber
  5. The access tool is provided free of charge when subscribing for the first time. In the event of its loss or damage, the Subscriber will bear the value of issuing a new entry tool.
  6. The Center has the full right to limit or change working times as it deems appropriate.
  7. Wardrobes are available to the Subscriber only during the hours of his presence in the Center. The Subscriber acknowledges that he will not leave them open while he is in the Center and he must empty all their contents after his departure. He also undertakes that he will not leave any of his belongings and he must not close the wardrobes when leaving the Center. In the event of violating this, the Center management has the right to open the lock in the appropriate manner after the end of the official working hours without bearing any responsibility as a result of that. The Subscriber shall bear the value of the costs of changing the lock after opening it.
  8. The Subscriber must not park his vehicle in front of the houses of the Center's neighbors or the neighboring shops, and in all cases, the Company is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any car or the loss of any items of the car, whether inside or outside the premises of the Center. The Subscriber is fully responsible for all his personal belongings and the Center does not bear any responsibility in the event of their loss.
  9. The Subscriber must inform the coach in case of any health problems before practicing the physical activity. In all cases the Subscriber is solely responsible for his personal safety.
  10. The Subscriber shall take adequate care for his safety and the safety of others and shall follow the instructions of the coach during, before and after performing the exercises. The Company shall not bear any responsibility related to the occurrence of any injuries to the Subscriber (God forbid) or the Subscriber's loss of any of his personal belongings inside the Center or outside the branch
  11. The Subscriber is not entitled to retroactive compensation for suspension in sickness cases.
  12. The Company reserves the right to close any of its centers and/or any of the facilities in any Center without prior notice and without any liability. Closing the Center temporarily or permanently does not mean missing out on the benefit as the Subscriber has the right to go to the nearest available Center.
  13. The value of the subscription amount in any of Leejam Sports Company Centers is not refundable after payment.
  14. The Subscriber may receive marketing campaigns in addition to the latest offers and news from Leejam Company via the Subscriber's e-mail as well as via SMS
  15. Special needs people are allowed to register after the condition is properly evaluated by the management based on an authorized documents, and if his conditions requires an attendant in order to help him the attendant is not allowed to perform any exercise and in case of violation of this, the stipulated provisions and conditions are applied
  16. The Company has the right to cancel the Subscriber's subscription without paying any compensation to the Subscriber in the event of any of the following cases:
    1. If the Subscription is used by any person other than the Subscription Holder.
    2. If the Subscriber misbehaves, disturbs other Subscribers, or does not comply with the instructions and regulations of the state or the by-laws of the Center.
    3. If the Subscriber commits a verbal or physical assault towards any of the Center’s staff or Subscribers.
    4. Subscription will be canceled in case of violation of paragraph (15) above
    5. Promoting any merchandise or product inside Fitness Time Centers.
    6. Providing any service related to personal training, as this service is limited only to Leejam coaches (Fitness Time) within the personal training service offered in the Centers.
    7. Giving any of the coaches or staff of the Center any money or any kind of gifts
  17. Prohibitions that the Subscriber must avoid:
    1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Center and outdoor stadiums or on the stands, as well as the introduction of food and beverages.
    2. It is forbidden to exercise without full sportswear and without appropriate sports shoes. It is also forbidden to use flippers, wear T-shirts and wear cotton shorts when using water areas (pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam), and it is forbidden to go to the pool or Jacuzzi before taking a shower.
    3. It is strictly forbidden to throw weights on the ground in the lifting of weights hall or take them out of the hall. The weights and tools must be returned to their places after being used in the lifting of weights hall and the fitness hall. The property of the club must be preserved. All equipment must be handled carefully and properly, and the Subscriber is fully responsible for any Damage to any device as a result of misuse
    4. It is prohibited to give any of the coaches or staff of the Center any money or in kind gifts. The Subscriber is solely responsible for paying any money to the coaches for any reason whatsoever.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to introduce or market hormones and steroids of all kinds to the Center. Fitness Time coaches or staff are not allowed to sell nutritional supplements such as proteins and steroids such as body building hormones and others, in which case the Center management must be informed of the violation
    6. It is forbidden to take visitors and children to the Center
    7. It is forbidden to bring bags inside gyms
    8. The Subscriber is not allowed to enter the staff accommodation
    9. Photography is prohibited inside the Center
  18. The Subscriber agrees that his photo and fingerprint will be taken in order to activate his subscription and kept with the Center for use in order to verify the Subscriber's data when entering the club.
  19. The Subscriber must receive an invoice from the Company's official publications in relation to any amount he pays, which is the only document approved by the Company. The Subscriber is responsible in the event of not receiving the invoice
  20. It is not allowed to engage in sports activity on sports treadmills for those who weigh more than 150 kilograms, and this is replaced by running around the track or as directed by the responsible coach.
  21. In the event of closing the Center, the Subscriber will be directed to the nearest available Center to ensure the Subscriber's right to benefit from the subscription. In the event that no alternative is found, a period equal to the period in which the Center was closed will be added to the Subscriber's subscription.
  22. The Subscriber is not entitled to claim the unused days if the service is available.
  23. No Subscriber has the right to object to the number of Subscribers in the Center.
  24. Assignment or suspension of the subscription is conditional, which must be observed according to the policy followed at the time of fitness. In the event of a promotional offer, the Subscriber is not entitled to waive the subscription
    1. Assignment fees applies if the subscription is waivable
    2. Assignment fees are applies in some exceptional cases - for non-waiver subscriptions - after the


Period of membership



3 Months

57.50 SR


6 Months

69 SR


12 Months

80.50 SR


3 Months

46 SR


6 Months

57.50 SR


12 Months

69 SR

    1. Freeze fees applies, and it varies according to the category and duration of membership and will be as follows, taking into consideration that the payment of fees will be for each suspension for the remaining periods
    2. The subscriber has the right to freeze the subscription at any time during the subscription period
    3. The subscriber has the right to use the entire freeze period in the same freezing process, for example: a 20-day suspension can be made for a 3-month membership
    4. The subscriber has the right to resume the subscription when it is frozen, and the days of the freeze will be carried over to the next period - if there are remaining periods - by going to the nearest center and requesting the appeal from the customer service representative
    5. The subscriber is not entitled to claim the freeze period if the (periods) are exhausted
    6. the subscriber is allowed to purchase an exceptional freeze for a one month period only-when the basic freeze period is exhausted- after the subscriber provides an evidence of the reason that prevents the customer from practicing exercise


Period of membership

Freeze period




3 Months

20 Days

2 periods



6 Months

40 Days

3 periods



12 Months

60 Days

4 periods



3 Months

20 Says

2 periods



6 Months

40 Days

3 periods



12 Months

60 Days

4 periods



3 Months

20 Says

2 periods



6 Months

40 Days

3 periods



12 Months

60 Days

4 periods


  • The value of the exceptional freeze is 164 SR inclusive of tax

  • The Company has the right to photograph the Center by any means (video/photo), including the Subscribers or those inside it for any reason at any time and to use these images completely freely in any promotional or operational work without paying any material compensation, knowing that this condition is only for men clubs
  • It is prohibited to renew the subscription of anyone who violates the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement
  • Subscription activation begins with in 24hrs from the time of payment of the subscription value.
  • Fitness Time Clubs shall not be liable for any delay or failure to enforce these Terms in whole or in part as a result of any cause beyond its control and without fault or negligence on its part, including but not limited to acts of God or actions of a civilian or military authority, current laws and regulations in the country and their amendments, epidemics and the spread of infectious diseases, wars, fires, explosions, nuclear accidents, power outages, unusual natural disasters, electronic piracy, and other illegal activities practiced by third parties, or their inability, on securing products or services provided by other persons or transportation facilities, or the actions or negligence of transportation or communications used by public carriers.
  • The Company is not responsible for damages resulting from force majeure that lead to a delay in opening or closing clubs, closing some of its facilities or being unable to provide some services
  • The Company shall not bear responsibility in the event that the Subscriber changes his/her mobile number registered in our system. The Subscriber must go to the nearest Center and update his/her mobile number when changing it to ensure receipt of messages issued by the Company
  • The Subscriber is not allowed to enter the Center outside working hours or during a period when there are no staff, as this is considered a violation
  • The Company has the right to play music in its centers at any given time and the Subscriber has the right to object to music in our Centers.
  • The Company has the right to close or delay the opening of women's clubs during official visits (such as the municipality) without claiming compensation
  • The Company has the right to close any of the club's facilities for maintenance matters or for any reason whatsoever without compensating the Subscriber for the days of closing the facility.
  • A visitor is entitled to benefit from the center's experience for only one free day.
  • The company is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information of the subscribers and not to use it for any purpose or to provide it to any other party without obtaining written consent by the subscriber, unless it is a government agency requests the personal information of the subscriber.

Acknowledgments and Declarations:

  1. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not have heart problems and that your doctor did not ask you not to exercise.
  2. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not feel chest pain when doing physical activity.
  3. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you have not felt any chest pain for the past month, even though you have not been physically active.
  4. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you have never felt dizzy, faint or lose balance
  5. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not have any problems or injuries in the bones or joints such as back, hip and knee problems, which can worsen with physical activity or when making a change in the current activity.
  6. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not have high blood pressure or a heart problem that requires taking prescription medications.
  7. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not have type 1 diabetes (T1D) that requires insulin treatment.
  8. By signing this form, you confirm that there are no other reasons why you should not exercise or increase your level of physical activity.
  9. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you have not had any surgery during the past 6 months.
  10. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not suffer from any skin disease (contagious or non-communicable)
  11. Upon signing this form, you confirm that you do not suffer from burns or skin abnormalities.
  12. Upon signing this Agreement, you confirm that you are not pregnant and have not been pregnant within the past six months.

Informed Consent for Physical Activity:

I, the undersigned, voluntarily agree to participate in physical activity, and am fully aware of the possibility of health changes as a result. I am responsible for monitoring my physical and health condition during physical activity. When any abnormal and unusual symptoms occur, I will discontinue physical activity and inform the coach immediately.

I release Leejam Company and its sports Centers as well as its staffs and affiliates from any moral, judicial or financial claims for any malfunction, damage or liability, and any claims for what may happen to me, whether as a result of my physical activity or any other reason. I acknowledge that my practice of physical activity does not It requires any medical approval and is under my full responsibility.

Your acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions is an electronic signature identical to the written signature on an application form


What are the working hours at Fitness Time?

Work hours differ in different centres

Where is the closest Fitness Time gym?

You can find the closest centre to you through the Fitness Time app.

Am I allowed to bring a guest to a Fitness Time centre?

We make campaigns that allow subscribers to bring a guest to the gym.

Can my children wait at the gym while I train?

There is no designated place to wait for the children of the subscribers.

Who should I talk to in case I encounter a problem with the gym machines?

The Fitness Time team is always there for you to receive advice and assistance.

Should I bring my own towel?

Yes, you can bring your own towel to all centers. In the Fitness and Plus category, towels are available for daily use.

How do I use the lockers?

Fitness time lockers are equipped with digital locks. In some centers, the subscriber must bring a lock or buy a lock from reception. The lockers are also emptied daily at the end of the official working hours. The gym is not responsible in case of any personal belongings getting lost or damaged due to theft or dislocation. (Except for the Plus category in case of renting a personal locker).

What happens if I lose something in the changing rooms?

Please tell the receptionist as soon as possible, so we can figure out if someone picked it up. Remember that your belongings are your responsibility at all times.

Which of Fitness Time Centers has swimming pools?

All of our centers have excellent swimming pools.

What do I do if I hear the sound of a fire alarm?

Do not worry. Our qualified team will guide you to a safe place. From time to time, we conduct safety drills and the team will inform you about them.

Is the staff member within the center eligible for emergencies and for first aid?

Yes, our staff are eligible for initial aid and to deal with emergency situations. They are trained periodically on security and safety procedures.

What are the peak hours at Fitness Time gyms?

It varies depending on the center, location, and working hours of the center.

How can I ensure that other members aren't too close to me? Is Fitness Time following coronavirus precautions and protocols?

Yes, we apply the required protocols by closing certain machines and providing sanitizers in the lounges. Plus, subscribers need to make appointments for using the gym and show Tawakalna app at entry.

What do I do if I feel unwell?

Go immediately to the nearest employee or coach and inform them about your condition.

How can I enter the club?

Download the FT application and use the QR code to access the club

Is there car parking at the center?

Yes, parking is available.

Is a medical examination required before using the swimming pool?

No. You don't need any examination before using the pool.

Are there changing rooms and bathrooms in the center?

Yes, we have suitable changing rooms. Bathrooms are also available on each floor in the gym.

Do the Fitness Time centers provide water for drinking?

Yes, water dispensers are available on each floor in case the gym has several floors.

Is there a specific time for using the machines and equipment ?

Please do not use the equipment for too long, so you can allow other Fitness Time subscribers to use and reduce waiting time. We also hope you will not monopolize the equipment or weights for your personal use.

Can I take pictures inside the gym?

Yes, you can take pictures but don't capture pictures of customers without permission.

Can I bring my own equipment to the gym?

Fitness Time centres provide all necessary devices and equipment to reach your goals. The safety of subscribers is our priority, hence, you cannot bring any equipment inside the center.

Should I attend all personal training classes during the subscription period?

In case your subscription is expired and you still have remaining personal training classes, you can coordinate with the sports manager in the center to postpone the classes until you renew your subscription.

Should I use the freezing service during the subscription period?

Yes, the freezing service ends at the end of the subscription period.

In case the fitness center is closed temporarily, what should I do?

If there is an available club in the same area and your membership allows you to enter it, you can go and workout there, but if there is only one club in the same area, you will be contacted from our team to propose solutions.

After three months or more at Fitness Time, can I get a sports certificate?

Fitness Time centers do not offer any sports certificates or letters to certain parties.

How deep is the pool in Fitness Time centers?

The pool is Semi-Olympic, which is 25 meters in length, 12.5 meters in width, and 1.5 meters to 3 meters in depth.

Are there any centers open 24 hours?

Yes, we have some centers in certain areas operating 24 hours in Jeddah: Salama Pro Center & Azizia Express and in Madinah: Azizia Express.

What is the temperature accredited in the Fitness Time centers?

The approved temperature is 25 degrees.

What is the dress code allowed for training in Fitness Time centers?

To enjoy the exercise and for the best results, you should wear sports clothes and sports shoes. In water areas such as swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and steam, you should wear shorts to swim without any type of tops.

Personal Training Programs FAQs

Can I train with someone from the same area?

You are not allowed to take exercises from unqualified trainers.

Are there any personal training programs?

Yes, we have our personal training services for amazing results in a short period.

I suffer from a health problem, what should I do?

The subscriber must inform the coach about any health issues and medical status.

How much is the subscription price with a personal trainer?

Training prices are fixed and specified by the management, and the main entrance to the specialized trainer must give him the appropriate number of lessons for him

Can I make a subscription with your personal trainer through the app?

Yes, you can.

Do I have to finish the personal training sessions at the set time?

Your commitment to personal training sessions will enable you to get the best results. If a class has been booked and has not been attended, it will be calculated as attended no matter what.

I have never attended a group class before, how will my first class with the coach be like?

Our classes are challenging but inclusive of all fitness levels! We aim to make working out FUN for everyone.

Can I take measurements of body fat without a Fitness Time subscription?

The fat measuring devices is only dedicated to the current subscribers and within clear conditions.

Where can I find the schedule for group classes?

The schedule is renewed weekly in the Fitness Time app.

Are the Fitness Time trainers working in the morning when the center is open or at night before closing the center?

Fitness time trainers are available from the opening of the center until the closing time. They are available to support you and provide everything you need.

Can I have a free PT session before buy PT service?

Yes you can, download FT application, visit the trainer page and request a free session.

Categories FAQs

What are the categories of Fitness Time?

Fitness Time Plus - Fitness Time - Fitness Time Ladies - Fitness Time Pro - Fitness Time Ladies Pro - Xpress  - Xpress Ladies

What are the differences between Fitness Time categories?

Fitness time centers have outstanding quality in all categories and locations of the centers. Plus, subscribers of the higher categories can enter the lower categories and benefit from the mobility service. You can visit the link and see the features in each category.

I subscribed to the category Fitness, then went on a business trip to an area with only the Pro centres, What should I do?

In case your subscription includes a mobility service, you can access all centers.

FT-90 FAQs

What is FT90?

FT90 is a revolutionary, fully measurable introductory program, that gives members an accurate understanding of body composition, heart health, and the body’s ability to move effectively. All of which are key indicators of overall health

Who is it for?

FT90 has been scientifically designed to support members who are at the start of their fitness journey.

Who can deliver it?

Qualified Fitness professionals who have successfully completed the fitness time FT90 certification.
The coach certification is made up of two parts. Part 1: Complete FT90 E-Learning modules & Part 2: Attended practical workshop and pass assessment.

How does it work?

The program is made up of 3 appointments that take place across 12 weeks.
(90 days) Each appointment lasts between 45 - 60 minutes and will be made up of 3 assessments.

Firstly, the coach will understand more about the members body composition using the In Body analyzer, secondly, they will look at their current level of fitness using accurate heart rate technology (Myzone) and lastly, the coach will analyze the ability of the member to move effectively across 7 primal movement patterns.
Benchmark scores will be recorded from each of the 3 assessments and a unique program will be designed for the member to complete in line with their goals until they attend their second appointment at week 6.

In their second appointment the member will perform all 3 assessments again with the goal of seeing a significant improvement in their health and well-being, this will allow the coach to develop the program now the member is more capable, which will last until they have their final review and summary at week 12. By week 12 and the completion of FT90, the member would have created positive habits that form part of a healthy lifestyle change. These behaviour changes are what sets our members up for success to get the most out of their health and fitness journey!