Know your Rights

Understand what your membership with Fitness Time entitles you to.

If the coach is transferred to another center

Complete the rest of the classes with another coach of the participant's choice

In the event that a particular center is closed temporarily, permanently, maintenance

The subscriber is directed to the nearest center to complete the subscription (in the event that there is only one center in the region, for example, Jazan Center - temporarily closed or for maintenance, the subscriber will be compensated for the number of closing days - and in case it is closed permanently, he has the right to claim a refund according to the terms and conditions).

In case a subscription has been made and he wants to make an upgrade

The subscriber has the right to upgrade within 3 days from the date of purchasing the membership by deducting the value of the days used only. If the upgrade request is requested after 3 days from the date of purchasing the membership, a new subscription will be calculated from the date of the upgrade minus the previous days.

In case the subscriber wants to know the prices or the latest offers

The subscriber can always obtain additional information by visiting the center in addition to our multiple channels such as / call center, social media, website and other channels.

In the event that the subscriber wishes to obtain more information related to submitting a complaint, a suggestion, or following up on a request

The subscriber has the right to follow up (the request - the complaint - the suggestion) through the official escalation mechanism. He can also communicate with various channels such as - the center, social media, the application, call center and other channels, and the subscriber will be notified by SMS messages he receives when opening the request Escalation and upon closing the request.

In the event that the subscriber wishes to freeze the subscription

The subscriber has the right to receive the freezing service paid according to the subscription package as follows: 3 months package 20 days freezing on two attempts, 6 months package 40 days freezing on 3 attempts, year package 60 days freezing on 4 attempts, and the service can be requested through the center or from Call center or self through the fitness time app