A business class sports and fitness facility.

Why Fitness Time?

Fitness Time is a high-end full-service facility designed for customers who are interested in a broad range of facilities and fitness options. Membership is available for members aged 18 years and above (16 and above at certain locations).

Everything you need

  • Well-maintained pools and water facilities

    Well-maintained pools and water facilities

    Train and relax, with jacuzzi and plunge pool facilities at selected locations.

  • Comprehensively equipped gyms

    Comprehensively equipped gyms

    All the latest gym equipment and plenty of each machine to ensure you can use what you want, when you want.

  • Indoor running and walking tracks

    Indoor running and walking tracks

    Great alternative to the treadmill, train like a pro on our running and walking tracks.

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  • Sauna


  • Showers


  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

  • Circuit Training

    Circuit Training *

  • Towels


  • Football

    Football *

  • Group Exercise Hall

    Group Exercise Hall

  • Rowing


  • Squash

    Squash *

  • Table Tennis

    Table Tennis *

  • Volleyball

    Volleyball *

  • Billiards


  • Cardio


  • Gym


  • Library


  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

  • Internet


  • Changing Rooms

    Changing Rooms

  • Cold Jacuzzi

    Cold Jacuzzi

  • Body Composition Analysis Machine

    Body Composition Analysis Machine

  • Indoor Running Track

    Indoor Running Track *

  • Steam Bath

    Steam Bath

  • Functional Training Zone

    Functional Training Zone *

  • Hot Jacuzzi

    Hot Jacuzzi

  • Indoor Cycling

    Indoor Cycling

  • Lockers


  • Swimsuit Drying Machine

    Swimsuit Drying Machine

  • TRX Room

    TRX Room *

  • Kinesis Room

    Kinesis Room *

  * Not at all Locations     Temporarily Unavailable due to COVID-19