Your Journey to Total Fitness Excellence!

Go ALL IN With Our All-Inclusive Personal Training & Membership Bundle

Are you ready to MAXIMIZE your fitness journey?

Say hello to our groundbreaking Personal Trainer & Membership Bundle, a comprehensive subscription that's designed to elevate your fitness experience to unprecedented heights. This is more than just a bundle; it's a gateway to a healthier, fitter, and more vibrant version of yourself.

Choice of 3 / 6 / 12 month

Passport Memberships

with unlimited access to clubs

24 / 50 / 100 sessions of Prime Time

Personal Training Sessions

up to 20 Buddy PT Group sessions

Complimentary smart fitness tracker

MyZone Switch™

 with 6 & 12 month bundles

Discover the Power of Bundled Fitness

Go ALL IN With Our All-Inclusive Personal Training Membership Bundle.

This bundle redefines convenience, bringing you a collection of premium services with Personal Training, Passport Membership, Prime Time Priority and many more features at a fraction of the cost. Elevate your workouts, enjoy world class focus training and maximize your gains with a handpicked selection of sessions.

Available in 3 , 6 and 12 month bundle options at FT and PRO clubs. Male & Female.

What's Inside the Bundle?

  • Personal Training Sessions

    Personal Training Sessions

  • Extreme Fitness Sessions

    Extreme Fitness Sessions

  • Buddy Personal Training Sessions

    Buddy Personal Training Sessions

  • Swimming Personal Training Sessions

    Swimming Personal Training Sessions

Who Can Benefit

The Curious Newcomer

Are you seeking guidance to achieve you weight loss, lifestyle change, or extreme body transformation goals? Our expert trainers are here to accelerate your progress, making every step count towards your dream transformation.

Who Can Benefit

The Seasoned Explorer

This bundle offers a cost-effective way to sustain your fitness lifestyle and continue enjoying the results you've worked hard to achieve. Make your commitment to fitness more rewarding and budget-friendly with us today.

Why Choose the Personal Trainer Bundle ?

  • Better Value

    Better Value

    The all inclusive bundles provides you with access to more services for a better value

  • Variety of Services

    Variety of Services

    Access to our most engaging and specialized training paid programs, bundled right into your membership

  • Customized Programs

    Customized Programs

    With your bundled personal training sessions, your fitness routine will be complimented with a highly customized training program, led by our top-in-class personal trainers. Guaranteeing achiveing results no matter what your fitness goals are

  • Exceptional Service

    Exceptional Service

    With Prime time priority bookings and flexible membership freezing, exercies and pursue your fitness journey on your own terms

3 Months 24 Classes
6 Months 50 Classes
12 Months 100 Classes
Personal Training




Buddy Personal Training




Extreme Fitness




Swimming Personal Trainer




Freeze Membership

Not Included

30 Days

60 Days

MyZone Watch

Not Included



Step Into a New Era of Fitness

The Personal Trainer Bundle isn't just about workouts; it's about embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and accomplishment. It's about unlocking your potential and embracing the limitless possibilities of your body and mind.

Join us at Fitness Time Clubs & Fitness Time Pro Clubs (Male, Female) in KSA, and embrace the future of fitness with the Personal Trainer Bundle. Your transformation begins now.


Can I purchase the bundle online?

Currently, the bundles are only available offline at the club. It will be available for purchasing online soon.

Can I train at a different center using my bundle?

Yes, all bundles include a Passport membership which allows you to train at any other club of the same category

Can I upgrade my membership to a bundle?

Yes, please contact your club's front desk or contact our customer care line to initiate the upgrade process.

Is the Myzone Switch available in all packages?

No, the MyZone switch is only included with the 6 and 12 month bundles for a limited time.

How do I invite my friend for a PT buddy session?

If your friend is already a member, please inform your trainer of the desired time and date. If your friend is a non-member, you can invite them to register for a free daily pass online to gain access to your club and attend the session with you

Can I exchange or replace any of the bundled services with other products?

No, the included services and bundled products cannot be individually exchanged or replaced with other services.

What happens if I did not consume my PT sessions before my membership expires?

You will still be able to consume the remaining sessions once you renew your membership or bundle. Please note that PT, eXtreme, Buddy PT and Swimming PT sessions also have a validity date and must be consumed before their expiry periods