Hail ! We are Coming

Oct 19 2023

As Part of our strategy of expanding our clubs and being close to our fans in all regions of the Kingdom, we are constantly working to open new clubs to be closer to you.

Today, We are Happy to announce the opening of the two newest Fitness Time Gyms in the city of Hail for men and women, which is considered the comprehensive category for all Fitness Time Brands, personal and group training programs, health and swimming facilities, which have been equipped with the latest smart devices from Technogym.

Fitness Time Hail will allow male and female subscribers to enjoy more than 20 innovative group class programs with international standards to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. The Group Classes in Fitness Time feature a friendly and motivational community, under the supervision of certified trainers

Check out the group exercise programs available here:


Special offer for 500 subscribers

The first 500 male and female subscribers will also be able to benefit from the pre-opening offer on annual subscriptions at a price of only 2,888 riyals for a very limited period, in addition to the feature of postponing the start of subscription activation until January 1, 2024:

To benefit from the offer:

Women's Branch: https://join.fitnesstime.com.s...

Men's branch: https://join.fitnesstime.com.s...